Apache Pizza - Skerries, Skerries

Skerries Co. Dublin

Tel: 018494888

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Ranking - Apache Pizza - Skerries

Category : Take Away / Pizza Parlours

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2 Reviews for Apache Pizza - Skerries
Sarah C. Members trust in me

745 reviews
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good resturant part

(28 June 2011)


by: Sarah C. 4 out of 5

i came here after watching a friends football match and we really enjoyed it. the food is good and you can really get some nice desserts. i like that you can get chips and that they do some different sauces and chicken wings to other pizza places.we felt we got both good service and good value for money. i love that you can sit and eat outside in the good weather.... Read more...

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S M. Members trust in me

178 reviews
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Lovely Pizza

(19 May 2011)


by: S M. 4 out of 5

Apache pizza in Skerries in located on the main street between the Gardai Station and the Bank of Ireland. It has a lovely seated area both inside the restaurant and outside for a nice day to sit and watch the world going by while eating your lunch. This apache Pizza always has deals on which is very affordable. The apache special is the nicest pizza ever ... Read more...

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