Atlantic Homecare, Clonshaugh

Clonshaugh Road Dublin 17 (D17) (North East Dublin)

Tel: 018483011

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Category : DIY Shops

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1 Reviews for Atlantic Homecare
Suzanne E. Members trust in me

68 reviews
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got everything I wanted :-)

(18 January 2012)


by: Suzanne E. 5 out of 5

I recently had to get a few bits and peices for the house. I took a trip to Ikea but just got so boggled with all the choices that I ended up coming back home and going over to Atlantic. Im so glad I did. I was able to find exactly what I wanted and a bit more! Plus there was 20% off everything that day! I was well pleased. The staff were very nice and I was looking for a showroom sample of a lamp, they didnt have one made up so they made one up for me right there! They helped up out to... Read more...

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