Bacus Bhearna, Barna

Boleybeg Barna Galway

Tel: 091590764

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Category : Bakers' Shops

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2 Reviews for Bacus Bhearna
Ruby W. Members trust in me

341 reviews
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Fantastic food

(27 November 2011)


by: Ruby W. 4 out of 5

Bacus Bhearna are a great small and local business which provides the freshest of foods and everything is home baked. There's everything from breads and scones, to pies and cakes in addition to teatime treats. Their apple pies are amazing so definitely one to try out, also their breads are worth a mention. Try it out you won't be disappointed!... Read more...

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Treasa B. Members trust in me

131 reviews
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Great bakery

(14 September 2010)


by: Treasa B. 4 out of 5

Bacus Bhearna products are available in a variety of supermarkets and corner shops around the West Coast. I don't know of any direct shop that you can buy from but I do know if you come across their soda bread it's well worth the couple of quid. Beautiful floury soda bread that isn't pre-cut which add's to authenticity. Their apple tart is lovely as well. It's all home made and tastes exactly like it should. ... Read more...

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