Banba Toymaster, Finglas

Clearwater Finglas Dublin 11 (D11) (North West Dublin)

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Category : Toy Shops

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3 Reviews for Banba Toymaster
lynne m. Members trust in me

103 reviews
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toy master

(11 October 2011)


by: lynne m. 4 out of 5

i like toy master but it can be a bit expencive , they do have a great range of toys for all ages so you will always find something for someone . they could do with making more stores around the place as there is very few and if you are not going by car near them and your getting public transport it would be very akward and heavy to get home . the staff are friendly and very helpful whenever you need something. i would recommend toy master to my friends and family once they had proper... Read more...

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carol p. Members trust in me

354 reviews
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(17 July 2011)


by: carol p. 5 out of 5

This used to be a great store. I tried every store 2 years ago to buy a train set for my son for christmas. All the leading toy stores were checked out and none of them had this particular toy that was quiet old. I went into this shop and was so delighted to see it on the shelf. While I was there I also picked up other bits they were great prices. Staff were really helpful. Itwas a rally busy store... Read more...

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sallyann b. Members trust in me

25 reviews
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great toy shop

(12 September 2010)


by: sallyann b. 5 out of 5

the one stop shop for all your childrens gifts this christmas, huge amount of stock. you could spend hours wandering around this store, they have a great nursery section too, we got all our prams, cots etc. here. one member of staff gave us a demo on putting in a car seat for our newborn, excellent and clear instructions, very well trained.. I love their reserve online option, Reserve online and receive your on-shelf guarantee. If product is not available for purchase you will receive... Read more...

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