Blackpool Laundrette, Blackpool

25 Thomas Davis Street Cork City, Co. Cork

Tel: 0214300428

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Category : Dry Cleaners

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1 Reviews for Blackpool Laundrette
Sin b. Members trust in me

68 reviews
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rude but good

(21 July 2012)


by: Sin b. 4 out of 5

Went here recently to get my laundry washed. The person behind the counter was awfully rude and very short and thick with me, refusing to put a colour catcher in with my mixed coloured washing and said if i wanted my clothes not to get destroyed i would have to pay for two seperate washes which would cost me double the price. I refused to pay that amount so he took the load off me and goes well dont blame me if your clothes get destroyed. However, when i collected them the following day the... Read more...

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