Booterstown Dart Station, Booterstown

Booterstown Dart Station, Booterstown, Co. Dublin

Tel: 018286100

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3 Reviews for Booterstown Dart Station
Valderi Valdera .. Members trust in me

220 reviews
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Open the car park for free for people on Saturday and Sundays

(19 January 2012)


by: Valderi Valdera .. 3 out of 5

We wanted to use the car park at this station on a Sunday only to find that is is Pay and Display 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Such a pity because it is located right next to Blackrock Park where there is a lovely walk and childrens playground alongside. Fair enough it is reserved for the DART commuters but at the weekends the car park is empty. Maybe let the locals use it for access to the Blackrock Park or the local Bird Sanctuary at Booterstown Marsh. This station is tiny, yet it has... Read more...

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D D. Members trust in me

1546 reviews
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Booterstown Dart Station

(22 March 2011)


by: D D. 3 out of 5

Booterstown railway station serves Booterstown in County Dublin. The station is located on the coast, bordering the bird sanctuary of Booterstown marsh. Good parking facilites, pay and display. This rail system links Greystones in the south of Dublin to Howth in the north of Dublin travelling through the city centre. it is staffed from 06.45-23.00 Mon-Sat; 09.00-23.00 Sun. There is also a booking office and their hours are from 07.00-21.30 Mon-Sat; 09.00-19.30 Sun. Not the prettiest of... Read more...

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Ruth  M. Members trust in me

25 reviews
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The Quick Route into Town!

(31 January 2010)


by: Ruth M. 3 out of 5

A DART station is a DART station, I suppose, but the ticket men here are generally good for a bit of banter - other than that, my only warning is that there's a big carpark and a barren wasteland beside it; on more than one occasion I've seen some untoward things going on there, so I'd advise caution when coming and going late at night, and stay a bit close to the ticket office as there are often some strange people lurking on the platform.... Read more...

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