Buckley Meats, North Dublin City Centre

Talbot street, Dublin 1 (D1)

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Category : Butchers

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2 Reviews for Buckley Meats
Aisling B. Members trust in me

360 reviews
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Great meat

(05 February 2013)


by: Aisling B. 5 out of 5

I first discovered FXB's when I went to this butchers. I was picking up something on the way home from work and I loved their meats. A few years later, my boyfriend happened to get a job in the branch in Nutgrove. He has left a few years now but we would regualry visit the FXBs restaurants because the meat is so good. Buckley's own their own farms and get the meat from this farm in offaly and you really notice the difference. The meat is fresh. I am a sucker for fillet steaks and I havent... Read more...

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D C. Members trust in me

307 reviews
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Great butchers

(10 October 2011)


by: D C. 5 out of 5

With a name like FX Buckleys - famous for its meats, you cannot go wrong. Its a great shop. The displays are good and you are enticed in. It always has a array of special offers on. I think they have some of the best sausages in dublin here. The have great steaks here too. The staff are very helpful and give suggestions and recommendations. Its a great traditional family butchers and although i do not usually do my grocery shopping in this area, I do buy meat here when i am passing.... Read more...

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