Champion Sports, South Dublin City Centre

44 Upper Grafton Street Dublin 2 (D2) (South City Centre)

Tel: 016778919


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4 Reviews for Champion Sports
carol p. Members trust in me

354 reviews
Compliments (3)


(06 July 2011)


by: carol p. 3 out of 5

I went into this champion sports looking for runners for my daughter. Wasn't at all impressed with the selection which was very small for her size. There was no floor staff to ask about stock to , so we ended up having to cue at the check out just to ask our query, and found the girl wasn't helpful this wasn't my kind of store but that's by choice you might like it so go and check it out... Read more...

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Gemma C. Members trust in me

252 reviews
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comfortable shoes

(30 June 2011)


by: Gemma C. 4 out of 5 This review includes a Video. Click on read more below

I have recently joined a walking group and really needed a comfortable pair of walking shoes as I was finding the pair I was using was not the best. On recommendation from one of the other walkers went to Champion Sports to have a look. Was in luck and got a marvellous pair of very comfortable shoes as I discovered after several walking miles in them, and could not resist a few other items while I was there, and even better they were having a brilliant sale on. Very good sales staff. ... Read more...

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Sue S. Members trust in me

200 reviews
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Very helpful

(27 October 2010)


by: Sue S. 4 out of 5

The staff here deserve a special mention as they are so helpful and will go above and beyond to find you exactly what you are looking for, and they are never pushy. The store is well stocked, although having a liverpool fan in the house i find that they don't have a huge stock in liverpool merchandise, probably just aswell. This store is very clean and well laid out... Read more...

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M. O. Members trust in me

1033 reviews
Compliments (6)

Great selection of sporting goods

(13 September 2010)


by: M. O. 3 out of 5

Must be about two years since I was in here getting a Liverpool t shirt and jersey as a gift for a birthday. Great selection of football and soccer strips and all kinds of sporting goodies. Helpful staff that will look for the sizes you want and answer details of when new strips are coming in. Good location on Grafton Street.... Read more...

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