Dalkey Dart Station, Dalkey

Irish Rail, Ardeveehan Road, Dalkey, Co. Dublin

Tel: 018286240

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2 Reviews for Dalkey Dart Station
mammy d. Members trust in me

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(28 October 2011)


by: mammy d. 4 out of 5

Dalkey Dart Station is a two minute walk from the village. It is also right on the coast if you are planning to go for a walk or a swim. There is also ample parking in the station for commuters. If a visit to Dalkey is your intention you will not be disappointed. There are great restuarants, pubs and cafes. There are also plenty of boutiques and bookstores. And don't worry about getting back to Dublin as the darts are frequent and the last dart to town is around 11pm. Enjoy you trip.... Read more...

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Meabh O. Members trust in me

271 reviews
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Dalkey Dart

(08 July 2011)


by: Meabh O. 4 out of 5

I used this Dart so many times usually off peak. I love it and it's at the back of Dalkey so nice and quiet on the Railway Road. If you have a car and getting the Dart into town there is a decent car park available. Toilet available and the station is wheelchair accessible and a ramp for train access. It's always clean. Tickets can be bought from machines or the booking office. ... Read more...

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