Edible Dreams, Waterford City

53 Ballybricken Waterford City

Tel: 051878925

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Category : Bakers' Shops

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2 Reviews for Edible Dreams
Maire L. Members trust in me

3 reviews
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Dreams come true

(21 October 2011)


by: Maire L. 5 out of 5

Edible Dreams is exactly what its name suggests! We've had several cakes for our children decorated by Catherine over the years and each and every one was stunning. She is a true artist and has brightened many a birthday with her beautifully decorated cakes. My children want a cake from Edible Dreams every time.... Read more...

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xxxx x. Members trust in me

385 reviews
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See these cakes

(02 October 2011)


by: xxxx x. 5 out of 5

Edible dreams is owned by Catherine Hartery and if there is someone who is skilled at what they do then you have to look no further. When Catherine used to put new creations into her shop window people would always stop to see what was new. Catherine can made a cake for any occasion and the end result will be unbelivable. If you want a once in a life time wedding cake then get one made here. If you ever get the opportunity to taste these cakes take it with both hands.... Read more...

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