Gift Shop, Balbriggan

Dublin Street Balbriggan Co. Dublin

Tel: 018412513

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2 Reviews for Gift Shop
John A. Members trust in me

189 reviews
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Basic gift shop

(31 October 2010)


by: John A. 3 out of 5

very basic gift shop, there isnt that great of a secection of gifts, yes all of the gifts are porpaly irish brands and that but i didnt see anything in there that was the great and i felt that it was very expensive. its located on the main street beside all the other small shops and its not the best to get parked as its pay and display and there isnt really any local carparks at hand near this shop.... Read more...

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Susan  M. Members trust in me

53 reviews
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Gift Store

(14 October 2010)


by: Susan M. 4 out of 5

This is a little treasure. If you get a invitation at the last minute. You dont know where you are going to get a present, never fear. Head down to Dublin Street, Balbriggan. You are sure to find something for that special gift. Staff are helpful and may be able to offer you something you might have thought of yourself. ... Read more...

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