Golf Style Golf Superstore, Galway City

Liosban Industrial Estate, Tuam road, Co. Galway

Tel: 091758962

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1 Reviews for Golf Style Golf Superstore
S K. Members trust in me

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Perfect for those avid golfers!

(23 September 2011)


by: S K. 5 out of 5

Golf Style Golf Superstore is a golf retail shop located in Liosban Industrial Estate on the Tuam Road. They have a large range of products perfect for all of the golf fanatics in Galway. About 6 months ago I was shopping in here for my brother who wanted to get into golf and the experienced staff members were able to direct me towards the correct sort of set that would suit him. They were also able to let me know exactly what accessories would be needed and gave me the whole package for a... Read more...

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