Hayfield Manor Hotel, Cork City

Perrott Avenue, College Road, Cork City

Tel: 0214845900

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18 Reviews for Hayfield Manor Hotel
richard q. Members trust in me

37 reviews
Compliments (1)

Great tea!

(20 September 2010)


by: richard q. 4 out of 5

This is the place to go in Cork if you want a proper old fashioned tea. By that I mean little cakes on tierd trays, the works. It's an absolute pleasure to sit in the very comfortable and quiet surroundings and be served delicious cake and tea. It's the sort of place you take your granny for a treat or to impress a girl a flowers and chocolates don't work! It's a lovely location too, really near the centre of the city but somehow doesn't feel like it.... Read more...

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SEAN N. Members trust in me

132 reviews
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(02 September 2010)


by: SEAN N. 5 out of 5

I really enjoyed my stay here, it really is a manor !! It is the perfect place for a chilled out relaxing break. The grounds are beautiful and very well kept. It a nice quite hotel with a friendly athmosphere. The room decor is perfect as well - as you would expect for this upmarket hotel. The food is delicious and i would highly recommend it. Overall i would put this at the top of my Cork Hotels list without question.... Read more...

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din c. Members trust in me

225 reviews
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best in town

(25 August 2010)


by: din c. 4 out of 5

compared to many other spots across the country hayfield would probably stumble a bit on several levels but in cork really in the city centre area it is probably the best - they say 5 star, but really a decent 4. nice rooms, beautiful grounds, quiet yet 10 minutes to the city on foot, old world charm but modern standards are met. the restaurant is like many hotel offerings, promises a lot, high prices but really doesn't deliver, for that reason worth a stroll into town to take in a broader,... Read more...

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Barry T. Members trust in me

118 reviews
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Defo not 5 star

(23 February 2010)


by: Barry T. 2 out of 5

Stayed her as part of a prize won on Newstalk, while the place is nice and the outdoor jacuzzi was good to experience but it definitely is not 5 star quality to match it's 5 star prices. Food was fine as were the staff but if I had paid for the stay myself looking for a 5 star price I would have been very disappointed. We were not greeted very nicely which got the whole weekend off to a bad start. I'm sure there are alot of better 5 star weekends available at better prices.... Read more...

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Noirin C. Members trust in me

109 reviews
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(21 February 2010)


by: Noirin C. 4 out of 5 This review includes a Video. Click on read more below

I really really enjoyed my stay at this hotel, it is absouloutly gorgeous and the staff are amazingly helpful and polite. There is an air of sophistication around this hotel without the feeling of it ever being ''stuffy''. The spa was my favourite area of the entire hotel, it is reeally tastefully decorated and the product line they use ''Elemis'' is most definitly one of the best on the market! Also in an ideal location for anyone visiting Cork! the only complaint i have is that god awful... Read more...

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Mick G. Members trust in me

222 reviews
Compliments (15)

Pierce himself stays here

(10 January 2010)


by: Mick G. 5 out of 5

A boutique hotel is how you would describe Hayfield Manor Hotel. Fitting for Pierce Brosnan who has stayed here and which the owners like to remind us with a picture behind reception. Everything about this hotel is fab. Given it's size you are always guaranteed a quite intimate surrounding. The rooms are of a very high standard, while the staff are very personable and well trained. They have a Spa and pool, which is surprising but very welcome. If heading to Cork again and looking for somwhere... Read more...

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