Johnnie Cupcakes, South Dublin City Centre

Stephens Green Shopping Centre, Dublin 2


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Category : Bakers' Shops

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1 Reviews for Johnnie Cupcakes
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Yummie Cupcakes But Expensive

(16 March 2012)


by: Sam S. 4 out of 5 This review includes a Video. Click on read more below

This place is adorable. The cupcakes are absolute heaven, especially the chocolate ones- there is one called the New Yorker that is unreal. You can also get 4(perfect when you're having a party/hanging with friends) and choose whatever ones you want suitable to each person and the server will give you a lovely box of 4, but you can still get this if you only get one, that is the beauty! The cupcakes are €2 per one, which is expensive, but could be worse compared to other cafes and such.... Read more...

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