Lifestyle Sports, North Dublin City Centre

Mary's Street, Dublin 1

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5 Reviews for Lifestyle Sports
Catherine C. Members trust in me

9 reviews
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(06 April 2011)


by: Catherine C. 2 out of 5

I do find Lifestyle sports in general pretty good but this particular one I really don't like, even from the outside it's almost as if it doesn't fit in with the rest of Mary St. Inside this store I once went up and down the escalators twice to try and find the children's wear it's very unorganised and not very well laid out like what you would find in other branches of this store, I find it a very dull and boring store, where most sports stores are alot more upbeat!... Read more...

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Linda B. Members trust in me

119 reviews
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(15 March 2011)


by: Linda B. 3 out of 5

I wouldnt be particularly mad about this outlet of lifestyle. I find it is not really as organised as all the other branches. They so stock a good selection but a little chaotic. Staff are ok... Read more...

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martin d. Members trust in me

363 reviews
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good enough

(30 January 2011)


by: martin d. 4 out of 5

i like this branch of lifestyle as it seems to be quite easy going in terms of staff and them not following you around as has been noticed with jd. they stock some good training gear for men and good quality gym runners. they are also very good for small acessories such as socks and hats. they offer ten percent student discount too which is great. i would come here again.... Read more...

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maura f. Members trust in me

1097 reviews
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Lovely Shop

(13 January 2011)


by: maura f. 4 out of 5

This is a lovely spacious shop spread over two floors. The shop is large bright and airy. They stock a huge range of all sports wear. They cater for men women and children. The staff are lovely and very helpful. They normally have a bargain rail. Well worth a visit to if you need any thing relating to sports, be it indoor or oudoor you will find it here. They also do a lovely range ogf gym gear something l find that is lacking in a lot of other sports stores.... Read more...

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Sarah C. Members trust in me

745 reviews
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great branch

(09 August 2010)


by: Sarah C. 5 out of 5

i really like this branch of lifesyle. they have a great selection of womens gym wear down the back. they are especially good for running gear and have a few nike bits including running tights and the breathable tops ect. there is a good choice in womens fashion well sportswear thats not gym specific too. they sell nice runners and also have the new reebok easy tones. the upstairs has a good selection of kids clothes and mens which is also downstairs. there is a escalator to get up there if... Read more...

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