Martines Restaurant & Wine Bar, Galway City

21 Quay Street, Galway City

Tel: 091565662


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5 Reviews for Martines Restaurant & Wine Bar
james p. Members trust in me

473 reviews
Compliments (4)


(30 August 2011)


by: james p. 5 out of 5

This is a lovely restaurant I have eaten in here a few times and always have gotten top service and could not fault the place at all. Its not that much to look at on the out side but on the inside its grand. There is a good menu that offers a lot of different dishes starters of chicken wings are what i always go for and would recommend them to everyone. I also love there mains there good size portions and good prices. Good slection of wines to choose from... Read more...

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Scott H. Members trust in me

2 reviews
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Good, solid place - a tad pricey

(12 August 2011)


by: Scott H. 5 out of 5

Went back to Martine's recently after a year out of Galway, and once again it's as reliable as ever! Always love the food here (if a tad over-priced on the meat-side of things), and the service is attentive and efficient. It's a very easy place to bring friends and family out to on a "dinner night out" and I've only ever had wonderful culinary experiences here. I ADORE the food! Would strongly recommend if you have the pocket for a night out ... Read more...

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Catherine R. Members trust in me

2 reviews
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(03 January 2011)


by: Catherine R. 2 out of 5

i have eaten here a few times and the food has always been very good and therefore I went back. Had dinner with friends just before Christmas. They have an early bird special but it is a little confusing and was not explained properly somethings on the menu you are not allowed to have for the early bird which I found strange. Just make a new menu for the early bird. The food was good but the service was a little lacking and they were not even busy. We had to wait for over a half hour for... Read more...

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S F. Members trust in me

99 reviews
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Nice food at a nice price

(26 June 2010)


by: S F. 4 out of 5

this restaurant is very nice. Lovely atmosphere and the food is lovely. It is worth booking a table in advance as it can be very busy at times. It opens at 5pm. It is reasonablely priced with a 20 euro early bird (5pm to 7pm) menu and a 30 euro menu after 7. Small bar area seperate to the restaurant and outdoor seating. It has an extensive wine list as it is a wine bar. Staff were nice.... Read more...

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Emma M. Members trust in me

120 reviews
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Western Bistro style!

(25 May 2010)


by: Emma M. 4 out of 5

Love strolling down Quay st, and when I reach close to the end I love venturing into Martines. As the name suggest you can call in here just for a glass of wine but I doubt if you will be able to turn down the tempting food delights on offer. Bistro style food. All produce is sourced locally. Nice atmostphere.... Read more...

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