O'Gradys On The Pier, Barna

Barna, Co. Galway

Tel: 091592223

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15 Reviews for O'Gradys On The Pier
Emma M. Members trust in me

120 reviews
Compliments (3)

Watch the setting sun

(05 January 2010)


by: Emma M. 5 out of 5

Quaint two storied cottage on the piers edge in Bearna. Atmosphere in abundance, added by host attention to detail. Had a table upstairs and we watched the sun go down while we tasted the delights of the sea. Food was exquisite. If you want romance, request a window table and i promise you you will not be disappointed. ... Read more...

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Niamh O. Members trust in me

75 reviews
Compliments (4)

lovely atmosphere, excellent for this time of year

(10 December 2009)


by: Niamh O. 5 out of 5

we went here for my mother's, erm, 21st birthday. Very special place, really nicely decorated, dinner was amazing, At night, it is so cosy and during the day you have such an beautiful view. well worth a visit and something for a special occasion.... Read more...

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Mick G. Members trust in me

222 reviews
Compliments (15)


(25 October 2009)


by: Mick G. 5 out of 5

I took my folks for dinner here yesterday and was very impressed with everthing, that it duly deserves it's 5 star rating. There are two levels here and my preference is always for the top floor beside the window, giving you amazing views out over the atlantic. The only hiccup of the evening and possible dissaster was brilliantly handled by the staff. 10 minutes after we sat down, a 15 crew of mothers and daughters decended to a table beside us for their hen! Despite the restaurant being full,... Read more...

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