Perrotts Restaurant, Cork City

Hayfield Manor Perrott Avenue College road Cork

Tel: 0214845900

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4 Reviews for Perrotts Restaurant
xxxx x. Members trust in me

385 reviews
Compliments (2)

Told it was a must

(22 November 2010)


by: xxxx x. 4 out of 5

I was told to pay a visit to this restaurant when i was in cork and am i glad i did. It was a pleasure to eat here. The place had warm welcoming feeling about it and the staff made you feel right at home. I had the homemade burger there and it was the best i have ever had. it was packed with flavour. it was yopped with bacon and cheese and it also hada relish on top. The chips served were thick until some places who only serve match stick chips. This meal was very good and well worth the money... Read more...

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M. O. Members trust in me

1033 reviews
Compliments (6)

Great for that special occasion

(09 September 2010)


by: M. O. 4 out of 5

Have been here a few times for friends birthday dinners or anniversaries and as most of them say it is the ultimate place to ask your friends for a special occasion dinner. The food is great. It is nice to make return visits so you can order some of the dishes you did not get around to trying on previous occasions. It is always a night out to remember in wonderful surroundings with great food. We are already trying to plan our staff Christmas dinner and it looks like we may be going... Read more...

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Michelle N. Members trust in me

219 reviews
Compliments (2)

Mouth watering

(12 March 2010)


by: Michelle N. 5 out of 5

I love this restaurant. Its not cramped and has a really nice, warm atmosphere. They have a wide varied menu & the food is very very good. Mouthwatering just looking at the dishes while waiting for yours to arrive. Presentation is fantastic and makes such a difference. i think for the quality of food & service provided I am only happy to pay that little bit extra. The staff are all lovely & polite and only adds to your great dining experience.... Read more...

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mari m. Members trust in me

594 reviews
Compliments (11)

Mouth Watering Delicious

(28 January 2010)


by: mari m. 5 out of 5

The food here is beyond compare. I've eaten here a few times and was blown over by how perfect everything was each time. The steaks are ridiculously thick and cooked to perfection. The food is decorated making it look especially appetising. The atmosphere in the restaurant is one of quiet, calm elegance, especially if you sit near the windows. Highly recommended for a romantic night out.... Read more...

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