Ramsdens Harry, Tallaght

306B The Square Tallaght Dublin 24

Tel: 014600233

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Category : Restaurants / Take Away

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5 Reviews for Ramsdens Harry
C C. Members trust in me

197 reviews
Compliments (3)

fish and chips

(13 July 2012)


by: C C. 4 out of 5

We love our fish and chips and you have to have mushy peas. Ramsdens make good fish and chips. you can sit down and eat them there if you can get a seat. lovely crispy batter and not soggy.i can say the same for the chips lovely and tasty and go down with salt and vinegar sprinkled over them. its a clean place and the tables are cleared fast after people leave there stuff on the table after they eat. good enough portions and good price.... Read more...

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wina w. Members trust in me

91 reviews
Compliments (5)

Nice Fish

(19 May 2011)


by: wina w. 3 out of 5

I love fish and chips,so I always eat here when shopping in the square.It is not so busy but the service quite fast.I like their batter as it is not too tick,just nice to cover the fish.They always has special of the day like two portion of fish&chips including drinks for less than it usual price.However,this place seems to closed early.... Read more...

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sioux L. Members trust in me

344 reviews
Compliments (6)

top notch

(11 April 2011)


by: sioux L. 3 out of 5

this is located on the top floor of the square shopping centre in tallaght. its beside about 4 or 5 other eateries so you will have no problem finding it, food is of course lovely as with all harry ramsdens, the chips are real potato chips the curry is real curry and not the stew you get in some chippers, they even have mushy chips! the fish is lovely also, all in all a great place to eat... Read more...

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Sarah W. Members trust in me

42 reviews
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fish and chips

(31 October 2010)


by: Sarah W. 3 out of 5

never busy place to eat. tasty fish and chips and mushy peas as a side if you fancy them. Service is quick and the food is hot. There is never a huge queue so it really is fast food. It can be expensive expecially if you are looking for a large portion as the portions are a little small for what you are paying and if you want to get a larger size the price increases to more then a bit pricey for what is really just a fast food fish and chip place,but they seem to be introducing some good meal... Read more...

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Etain F. Members trust in me

506 reviews
Compliments (5)

Very Good

(30 October 2010)


by: Etain F. 4 out of 5

This Harry Ramsden's branch is never busy, I think it's to do with its close proximity to KFC, Burger King and McDonald's. It's underrated, but the food is nice and there's almost always seating. The chips are proper chunky chips and they're always piping hot, and one of my favourite things about Harry Ramsden's is the fact that you put on the salt and vinegar yourself - as much or as little as you like!... Read more...

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