Sally Salon Services, South Dublin City Centre

Drury st. Dublin 2

Tel: 012842003

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4 Reviews for Sally Salon Services
jessica k. Members trust in me

33 reviews
Compliments (2)


(17 June 2012)


by: jessica k. 4 out of 5

i go here wih my anie who is a hairdresser and she loves this shop she always get what shes looking for and always come out wih stuff she doesnt need and wan be the staff are so nice and the shop is clean the products are layout that you can find things with help but if help is needed the staff are there to help you and this is always a good thing when you go into a shop :)... Read more...

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Lauren c. Members trust in me

40 reviews
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Love it!

(20 August 2011)


by: Lauren c. 4 out of 5

This is a great shop for all beauty essentials .it is a very small shop that has everything you need. i go here early in the day to try avoid crowds as its very hard to move around because its very cramped. i wish they did a bigger store it would be heaven!.reasonable prices.very friendly staff and great advice on what you should get besed on your requirments. this place is perfect if you have a hairdressers card you get a major discount! definitly worth a look if your a girl who loves hair... Read more...

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Sarah C. Members trust in me

745 reviews
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really cheap!

(09 August 2010)


by: Sarah C. 3 out of 5

this place is great but its very easy to go wild in. I agree the staff are really helpful and genuine in here. they are more than happy to leave you to browse yourself and wont follow you around trying to force a sale on you. they are really quiet too a lot of the time so you actually can just look in peace. there are never any huge ques at the tills so its well worth stopping off in if your ever going by because your sure to see something you want.... Read more...

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Charlie B. Members trust in me

1 reviews
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Friendly service, great products

(23 May 2010)


by: Charlie B. 4 out of 5

I've bought products from Sallys Salon Services many times and have always found the staff to be friendly and helpful, offering advice and if they don't know something they'll admit that and they never try to pressure you into buying in order to make a sale. I'd recomend Sallys Salon Services for anyone looking for great products at very reasonable prices.... Read more...

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