The Blue Haven Cookery School, Kinsale

Blue Haven Hotel, Kinsale, Cork

Tel: 0214772209


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1 Reviews for The Blue Haven Cookery School
M. O. Members trust in me

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Great cookery demos and courses at Blue Haven Cookery School

(13 October 2011)


by: M. O. 5 out of 5

During the months of October and November all foodies have a real treat in store with great demos and classes at The Blue Haven Cookery School in Kinsale. Earllier this month they had an Itallian Basics with recipes to help you become a master. They also had Bistro French rustic French style Food. YOU CAN STILL ENJOY THE OTHERS WITH DATES TO COME Tuesday October 18 at 7 pm Winter Fare using seasonal ingredients for mouth watering fare. Tuesday October 25 at 7 p.m. Chinese and Thai... Read more...

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