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3 Reviews for The G Spot
Sarah-Anne B. Members trust in me

102 reviews
Compliments (2)

Beautiful and Easy to Use

(05 November 2012)


by: Sarah-Anne B. 5 out of 5

This website is wonderful, the lingerie is fabulous and they allow you to have friends over for G-Spot parties. Not only are they fun, the people who run them are fantastic and they are so much more fun to say then having an Ann Summers party. They have a wide range of products on the opening page and the website itself is very simple to use. ... Read more...

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Sarah B. Members trust in me

183 reviews
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Fantastic Website

(25 November 2011)


by: Sarah B. 4 out of 5

This is a wonderful and discreet way of celebrating your body and all the wonderful things you can do with it and your partners. If you are only beginning to explore these wonderful options and are not quite ready to to walk into the store, this is a great way of trying something out without the embarrassment. You can also host G-Spot parties which guys are allowed to attend which is nice :D... Read more...

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Louise  C. Members trust in me

2 reviews
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Beautiful lingerie

(22 April 2011)


by: Louise C. 5 out of 5

I love this website... The lingerie is fab.. Hosted a GSpot party bout 2 months ago... It was great craic.... Hosted by a guy, who was brilliant so funny so it was different to Ann Summers in that way plus Guys were aload to come. My partner and his mates popped over after the pub and the craic was brill. Highly recommend it. Thanks GSpot... Read more...

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