Vevay Inn, Bray

Vevay Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow

Tel: 012862743

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Category : Public House

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2 Reviews for Vevay Inn
princess p. Members trust in me

9 reviews
Compliments (1)

lovely place

(05 July 2011)


by: princess p. 4 out of 5

Great food! lovely staff and great smoking area! the back is a bit dark but thats easily fixed!its great as a starter pub before a night out! ive never heard a bad review about this pub! it always seems to be busy so thats a good sign and food is really good!my sister is in love with the curry here! they also held the afters of a funeral i was at and the compassion and kindness was amazing... Read more...

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M. O. Members trust in me

1033 reviews
Compliments (6)

Great Irish cuisine as well as pints

(14 November 2010)


by: M. O. 4 out of 5

This pub has really great pub grub and good home cooked food in its lunch time carvery which is very popular with the locals. The Carvery at lunch time has very reasonably priced main courses along with soups and desserts. In the afternoon and early evening they have bar food available. Large screen tvs for those interested in sports and comfortable seating all around the bar. They also have an upstairs function room for parties etc.... Read more...

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