Welcome City Chinese Takeaway, North Dublin City Centre

66 Upper Dorset Street Dn Dublin 1 D1

Tel: 018730188

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Category : Take Away

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2 Reviews for Welcome City Chinese Takeaway
maria h. Members trust in me

137 reviews
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great take away

(16 August 2011)


by: maria h. 5 out of 5

I used to work near this take away and would order from it when i was hungry in work. Its always really fast and reliable and the food is consistently good. they have no problem leaving things out or making something to suit you if you ask them. It is very reasonably priced for a take away in dublin and they are super fast to deliver. I love there singapore noodles and the chicken fried rice is really good too.... Read more...

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Alyssa K. Members trust in me

1 reviews
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Excellent food

(09 July 2011)


by: Alyssa K. 5 out of 5

Great food at a reasonable price. The service is always good whenever at get food here and is now my go to take away ^^... Read more...

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