Bank Of Ireland, Raheny

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Address: 566 Howth Road Raheny Dublin 5 (D5) (North East Dublin), Dublin, Dublin .

Phone: 018318666

Fax: 18318451


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Bank Of Ireland
  • Bank Of Ireland
Cathal  C. R rating

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A shitty bank, but with good staff.

(22 February 2010)

by: Cathal 3 out of 5

I used to be kind of down on the Bank of Ireland in Raheny, and not without good reason. This particular branch is woefully under-staffed, and I always seem to decide to go around lunchtime, when there's even less people working there. So there's almost always a queue. Plus there's the double security doors: four or five years ago, there was a rash of bank robberies in the north east of Dublin, resulting in all of the banks fitting double doors, only one of which can be open at a given time. This security measure inevitably slows up the process of entering and exiting the bank, particularly when there's old people involved.

Yet despite all these minor indignities, all my dealings with this branch have been positive. There's never been any frayed tempers or crossed wires, all transactions have occurred smoothly with clear explanations throughout.

So, I'm having to rethink a few basic principles in relation to this bank.

Cathal would recommend. Cathal would use again.

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