The Cake Cafe, South Dublin City Centre

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Address: The Daintree Building, Pleasants Place, Dublin 2, Dublin, Dublin .

Phone: 014789394

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The Cake Cafe
  • The Cake Cafe
Luke O. R rating

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One of the top 1000 best-kept secrets on Camden St

(10 August 2009)

by: Luke 3 out of 5

I had heard many things about this pretentiously located cafe. Situated in the back-arse of what I can only describe as a "paper merchant's", The Cake Cafe is hardly as easy to stumble upon as an ubiquitous Insomnia or rose-vending Romanian gypsy. With a copy of the Evening Herald firmly tucked under my double-bassist's sturdy elbow, I staggered in one late afternoon, alone, and walked up to the counter. A nice smoking area with a curious lack of ashtrays is immediately apparent, not to mention the frankly shite "family-friendly" atmosphere.

Approaching the counter, I was accosted by some effete maitre-d'-lite who quite coldly asked me what I was doing, or something similarly camp. I later realised I was probably expected to have taken a seat and wait to be served. Anyway, I ordered a sandwich of salami and cheese and a chai tea and took a seat outside.

To cut the crap, the sandwich was pretty great and the chai was fine. My idiotic waiter never brought me milk or sugar, and when I walked in to ask for them, he oddly told me to take a seat and he'd bring them out to me (which took at least 3 minutes) instead of simply handing them to me then.

All well and good - the bill came to about €8. Leaving the cafe, I muttered to myself under my breath that I wouldn't be back.

That was then; how wrong I was. I was back less than a week later, this time accompanied by a boy and a girl. As I tried to relate to them how bad the service was the last time, my credibility began to crumble as the female waitresses were faultlessly pleasant. I ordered cream cheese pancakes which were a triumph. A poet sitting beside me tried, in verse, to order a scone but was denied: all gone, all told. The failed economist sitting across from me was more successful in ordering an open goat cheese sandwich which he monosyllabically commended.

To my utter dismay, I returned once more two days later, this time with the same poet and a model from Topman. Deliciously hand-crafted beans on toast, but my female friend was left once more unsatisfied in her vain attempts at obtaining an elusive scone. Perhaps she will write a poem about it one day. "Scone Moan". The handy thing about the word is that it can be pronounced in two ways to help with rhyming schemes, not that she rhymes. Chai tea latte was overly sweet and exactly what I expected that maitre-d' to make.

I paid a trip to the toilets, after announcing it to the table. Cor! I had never expected the rest-room of such a small, twee cafe to be such a delight. At least 6 six rolls of toilet paper greeted me on my entrance as well as a plethora of brochures for some spa treatment centre in Sutton ("Pangaea", from the Greek for "all earth"). An amusing "weighing scales" was actually a mountable joke, wherein the micturator stepped on and was told which cake to eat. I didn't laugh, but I certainly told both of my friends when I sat back down.

They didn't make us uncomfortable at all when sitting there for ages smoking away. When we were paying the bill at the counter, however, I noticed something that made my skin crawl (and I have eczema). The cashier began to sing loudly as she handled our cash. I left in anger, vowing never to return, knowing deep down that I would.

Luke would recommend. Luke would use again.

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K B.

K says : 18 Nov 09
Luke I love this review, it says it all. Yes Mr Waiter man is the crapiest of waiters, he is too cool for school, and really out of place here!! On the other hand some of the other staff are so friendly. When i do make the occasional visit, they nearly always tell me that half the menu is gone/finished for the day and they have no more macaroons :( I love the outside decor. and i too received a delightful surprise when i visited the loo, its wuite nice!!

Fi H.

Fi says : 18 Aug 09
loving megan's comment 09

Megan N.

Megan says : 10 Aug 09
Fuck off.

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