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Address: Galway City & Area, Galway, Galway .

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What happens to the petty amounts left on the cards?

(06 April 2011)

by: Goodbye from Box. 4 out of 5

I have found this product to be pretty good. However when you get down to the last few Euro left on your card I always seem to have a problem trying to use it if the item I am purchasing costs more than is left on the card. This problem seems to be particularily bad in Woodies with different people telling you different things. I checked my balance on line on my last card and when I found out how much was left I went down to my local Marks and Spencers I searched for an item close to the amount that I had left. I couldn't find anything for the exact price so I left a few cents outstanding on the card. I am sure that the One4all people have large sums of petty amounts left on cards but never claimed. Maybe they could donate these to a charity after a certain amount of time has elapsed?

Goodbye from Box. would recommend. Goodbye from Box. would use again.

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Amanda M.

Amanda says : 28 Apr 11
Hi BOXtheFOX I was just looking at the T&C in the booklet that comes with the gift card and it says on pg 29 "if the amount of a purchase which you wish to make using your Card is greater than the available balance, you can pay the difference in cash or by another payment method". HTH.


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