Outside of Dublin, the next biggest player in the business industry has to be Cork. Over the last 20 years, it has evolved with a major amount of investment from outside the country on developing business and industry within County Cork.

Cork itself is a beautiful city with lots to see on any given day of the month. Very easy to get access to lots of places with the local airport booming with incoming and outgoing visitors.

Cork Airport

In 1957 the Government of Ireland agreed in principle to building an airport for Cork. After considering many sites, The Government decided that Ballygarvan would be home to this new international hub. In 1959 construction began at a cost estimated around 1 million pounds with Vincent Fanning as its first manager when he and his team unveiled their masterpiece 16 years later on October 16th 1961! 10 thousand people enjoyed flights from Aer Lingus and Cambrian Airways four days before opening day thanks to proving flight tests where they made sure everything went smoothly for the grand opening just a few weeks away! The following year saw over ten thousand passengers fly through – cementing itself as one of Europe’s finest airports – paving the way not only for more outgoing but lots more of incoming visitors that wanted to avoid going through Dublin to get down the West of the country.

We recommend Cork Airport to anyone wanting a stress free travel experience either within the country itself or visiting a different country. Want to see more business listings for Cork, Dublin or other areas in Ireland? Make sure to visit our homepage at whoseview.ie to learn more.

Another great tip is a little salon called Gaupa if you want to get pampered whilst in Cork. It is a retro-style boutique that do excellent hairdressing work. You can get directions for Gaupa here.