Block Paving VS Cobble Stone Driveways

Cobblestone driveways are one of the almost old-fashioned style for driveways. As manufacturers have improved the quality of the materials you can opt for natural cobblestone or manufactured cobblestone.

The laying of cobblestone really comes down to what style you’ve chosen and what the overall appearance needs to look like. You can opt for a fan/wave style of cobblestone laying or you can choose a more traditional style laying it in an offset pattern.

An offset pattern installation of cobblestones can also be replicated using Tegula style or the Thomas Armstrong manufactured cobblestones.

Having cobblestones laden your driveway is not the cheapest option when compared to block paving. The reason for this excluding the extra price for the materials is also the extra work that is involved when laying the cobblestones.

Unlike block paving especially if you are opting for a fan style, it all has to be laid individually and by hand with no replicating pattern which makes it difficult to lay at any great speed.

Choosing to lay the cobblestones in an offset staggered pattern does speed up the installation process so an average driveway, you can save over two days work using this pattern style. Of course, this applies to an average driveway size of 100m2. Larger sized driveway will impact it even more and smaller, less.

Another great inclusion with a cobble stone driveway is bordering or edging. You can opt for a granite cobble stone border which is benched in concrete or you can put in a tumbled paving kerb. You can learn more about our kerbing options here.

If you are opting for natural cobblestones versus manufactured style cobblestone, your colour choice will be very limited. Most natural stone is available in shades of grey, with options and darker and some gold mixes.

Opting for manufactured gives you a significant wider range of colours including red, black, charcoal, grey, brindle, burnt ochre and more.

Below, we will show off various examples of the different types of cobblestone paving that you choose for your driveway or patio. If you would like a free quote or to discuss your options please get in touch with one of our block pavers in Ireland or our paving contractors in the UK for a free quote on a new driveway or patio.